ISF4.5 series

  • Cummins ISF4.5L engine cummins centennial diesel technology is based on cummins' most popular and most mature and successful B series platform worldwide.

  • ISF4.5 collection cummins United States, Britain, China advanced r&d resources carved fine grinding, the product has been successfully equipped with six to Britain pekka damien duff brand medium-sized passenger cars, light trucks and Europe have excellent market and users reputation.

  • For the global and future, the isf 4.5l engine is an epoch-making product that transcends the traditional four-cylinder machine and compares with the low power stage six-cylinder machine in terms of power, reliability and efficiency.

  • The ISF4.5 structure is compact, modular and lightweight design. The number of parts is reduced by 40% and the weight is only 330 kg.

  • The power of power, the highest 210 horsepower, leading the same class four-cylinder machine, the maximum power of 34.2 kW/L, providing the most practical horsepower range;

  • The maximum torque is 760 nm, low speed and high torque, all higher than the competitors in the whole speed range, the initial response is fast, and the ability to climb the slope is unparalleled.

  • The product is reliable and durable and has passed the stringent 200 million km road reliability test and the tri-high test.

  • On the basis that the ISF light products exceed the record of millions of kilometers, 4.5 will surpass the classic and achieve higher non-overhaul mileage, which will highlight the advantages of cummins' traditional product in the middle power segment.

  • In addition, 4.5 is a full life cycle of super savings products, benchmarking in oil-saving technologies, maintenance mileage, the maintenance cost, attendance, and many aspects, such as machine salvage value beyond traditional four-cylinder machine has obvious advantages.


ModelsIntake TypeDisplacementEmissionMax.output powerGoverned(RPMMax. hpMax N.m / r/minMax. speedWeight
Medium, light trucks and busesturbo-charger4.5LEurope VI1572500210760/ 8501200380