ISM series

  • Super power, green environment

  • Power cover 308-440 HP, maximum torque of 2100Nm/1200rpm

  • High speed torque, fast acceleration, climbing ability

  • Light weight, weight of only 940 kg, power of weight ratio

  • Meet the most stringent emission standards in Europe and America today

  • The noise is greatly reduced by the design of new type of oil subshell

  • Good fuel economy, low fuel consumption

  • The high pressure fuel system of the electric control system realizes the high pressure atomization and precise injection of diesel oil in the cylinder to ensure the fuel is fully burnt

  • The electronic control system integrates more than 100 functions, including cruise control and electronic speed control, to ensure that the engine is in the best operating condition

  • Compact structure, low daily maintenance and maintenance cost

  • The highly integrated module design reduces the number of parts by 30% and reduces the failure rate greatly

  • All models have strong interoperability, high degree of serialization and easy to repair

  • Super long filter, oil change interval, significantly reduce the daily maintenance cost

  • The average overhaul mileage is more than 1 million kilometers

  • Advanced design and reliable performance

  • Equipped with a split-type hinged piston, the piston is composed of a forged steel piston head and a cast aluminum piston skirt

  • The suspension type can replace cylinder sleeve and integral cylinder block and cylinder head

  • The valve rocker arm system guarantees that 190,000 kilometers of the valve should not be adjusted

  • Adopt high strength tensile steel crankshaft, new type anti-wear bearing axle and camshaft

  • Intelligent engine, fleet operation management cost low

  • The powerful and complete intelligent control system has the functions of automatic fault diagnosis and automatic protection, improve the engine's availability, and greatly reduce the cost of the team's downtime

  • Cruise Control, Cruise Control can automatically adjust the volume of oil supply Control vehicle speed set by driver constant speed driving, reduce the driver workload, improve vehicle driving performance, and to improve fuel economy by optimizing the parameters and improve the vehicle performance

  • The electronic Speed Governor can control the maximum Speed of oil supply through electronic control, improving fuel economy and driving safety

  • Gear Down Protection can be used to encourage drivers to use a higher Gear to lower fuel consumption and improve durability by limiting the speed at which the gearbox is at a premium

  • Idle Speed Control can set Idle Speed accurately, realize time-out Idle and fast Idle Speed, improve fuel economy, reduce noise and vibration, improve engine low temperature performance

  • Professional configuration to build engine best quality

  • The fuel system USES cummins high pressure fuel system, camshaft drive, can provide higher injection pressure, has higher cost performance

  • The electronic control system integrates high capacity CM876 electronic control module and the electro control system, with over 100 automatic control functions, significantly improving engine fuel economy, dynamic, manipulative and environmental protection

  • The filter system adopts the cummins Fleetguard FS 1003 filter, and its 10-micron Stratapore filter paper is specially designed for the protection of components, and the filtration efficiency is up to 98.7%

  • The inlet exhaust system USES the cummins Holset HX55 turbocharger, which can automatically adjust the air flow according to the need to realize the four-level control within the speed range, which is suitable for high rated power engine

  • The brake system can be used for the JACOBS engine braking system, which can absorb 85% of the vehicle inertial force, and the maximum braking power can be up to 326 horsepower and improve vehicle safety.

  • The driver can go downhill at higher gear level to improve transport efficiency.

  • In the downhill, can no longer supply oil to the engine, save oil and environmental protection


Engine ModelGoverned(RPM)Max N.m / r/minCylindersDisplacementIntake Type
ISM11E5 345345 @ 19001699 @ 1200In-line 6cylinder10.8turbo-charger
ISM11E5 385385 @ 19001825 @ 1200In-line 6cylinder10.8turbo-charger
ISM11E5 420420 @ 19002000 @ 1200In-line 6cylinder10.8turbo-charger
ISM11E5 440440 @ 19002080 @ 1200-1300In-line 6cylinder10.8turbo-charger